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Wed Nights Fun Horse Shows

& Open Arena

Every Wednesday June 5 Aug 28


Start time 6:30 pm


1. Showmanship Youth

2. Showmanship Adult

3. Walk Trot

4. Horsemanship Youth

5. Horsemanship Adult

6. Pole Bending Youth

7. Pole Bending Adult

8. Barrels Youth

9. Barrels Adult

10. Surprise Class- (fun event)

More classes if time allows


-Beginners are encouraged to attend and learn.


-Try the different events.

-Learning & Horsemanship

-Fun is the goal here at Lazy L.


- Each class entry gets a ticket for a saddle giveaway at the end of year.



*Year End Awards *

Dress Code : Cowboy Hat, Boots, Long Sleeve Blouse/ Shirt

$8.00 Ride all night. $2.00 office fee Open Riding per horse $10.00

Yearly Membership $120.00

Lunch stand special each week, 2013 coggins test required-original and a copy.


Lazy L Tack & Trailers H&L Cattle Co.- Loomis Family not responsible for accidents, theft or injury.